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Teds Woodworking Reviews (2022): 16,000 Plans for Less Than $100!!

If you’re a carpenter or a woodwork enthusiast, you might discover that you’re continually looking online for practical, inexpensive Teds woodworking Reviews plans that provide better value.

A quick online search will turn up a tonne of projects from different sources, but not all of them are intended to assist beginners or serve as a reliable manual. You might have come across the extremely well-liked Ted’s Woodworking designs throughout your search.


  • All the plans have detailed schematics
  • Wide variety of projects you can choose from
  • Well-organized and easy to use
  • Subscribers receive 5 free plans on a monthly basis
  • Good value for the money
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Many false reviews online can discourage some customers

Overview Of What is Ted’s Woodworking Reviews?

16,000 woodworking projects can be found in Teds Woodworking Reviews. Carpenters, woodwork lovers, novices, and experts can all use these ideas to produce amazing woodwork creations.

The instructions in the plans are clear and simple to understand, and they walk users through each stage of the process from beginning to end. You can find the ideal supplies to use for each project as well as the necessary measurements. The woodworking plans can be used for a variety of projects, including home furniture, dog kennels, birdbaths, garden furniture, etc.

Which begs the question: Who is orchestrating these plans? Ted McGrath is the driving force behind Teds Woodworking Plans. Ted is a coach, author, and incredibly skilled woodworker who lives in Iowa.

Ted has dedicated an additional two years’ worth of labour and research into putting together these blueprints, drawing from his wide background and 25 years of experience in woodworking. He created the plans to be useful to both pros and amateurs.

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Who Should Buy Teds Woodworking Plans?

Teds Woodworking Review is appropriate for a variety of age groups. These blueprints will be of great use to amateurs and enthusiasts who are new to woodworking and wish to master the trade. Numerous beginner-friendly projects are included in the plans, including small wood designs and objects like boxes, shelves, small crafts, etc.

Ted’s Woodworking plans designs are a great source for skilled and professional carpenters looking for wooden projects. These provide them the ability to assemble important items, such as decks, wooden buildings, barns, and furnishings for the home and garden.

It’s interesting to note that you may use these strategies to complete tasks for your home and yourself while turning them into a business. As a result, you avoid paying a professional carpenter the money you would have and eventually start making your own money. You can start your own firm and become an entrepreneur by mastering the methods and abilities of the woodworking trade.

Main Features Of Teds Woodworking Reviews

You gain access to a variety of resources when you buy Teds Woodworking Review, all of which were chosen by the expert Ted McGrath himself. The 16,000 woodworking plans encourage your creativity while also helping you make something useful. Cutting boards and boxes are among the minor items on the plans, while barns and cabins are among the larger, more ambitious undertakings.

What do you receive if you purchase this bundle? The list of significant items that are a part of this good deal is provided below.

Teds Woodwork Plans

16,000 woodworking plans are included in the Teds Woodworking plans. For less than a hundred dollars, that is a huge amount to comprehend. Many people have questioned if there are actually 16,000 plans. There are that many plans in this bundle, as those who have purchased it are aware. Additionally, it provides a range of wooden designs, from simple to challenging ones.

For beginners with no prior woodworking experience, you can start with simple projects like bird cages, planters, clocks, etc. If you are new to woodworking, you can start your creative adventure with these simpler projects. You can advance to more challenging and elaborate projects as you gain knowledge of the craft and refine your abilities.

Instructions Handbook With Illustrations

An instruction manual for each of the 16,000 woodworking projects is included in the box. These serve as the user’s equivalent of woodworking lessons, which you can study as you work on your project. Ted made the course material very user-friendly and simple to understand. Additionally, the instruction manual plays the part of an actual skilled carpenter who guides you every step of the way. As a result, finishing the project for the user is incredibly simple and quick.

Along with thorough directions, each step of the process has extensive graphics. Images contain schematics, 3D drawings, close-up sketches, annotations, and measurements. Every project phase may be seen visually, which eliminates any uncertainty in the scenario. The secret to achieving success with these programmes is accuracy and excellence.

Purchasing Guide

Along with thorough directions and illustrations, each project’s supplies and equipment requirements are covered in full. The list contains all the essential equipment, right down to the kind of wood you’ll need for particular designs. Such knowledge prevents you from overbuying or purchasing the incorrect sort of wood, as well as from assuming what you need for a specific job. Additionally, you will be able to determine the precise quantity of each material used in the project, which will allow you to limit waste while also saving time and money.

Woodworking Videos

For those of you who appreciate viewing films and tutorials on woodwork, they added woodworking videos to this package as both an added bonus. These instructional films, created by experienced woodworkers, can really help you improve your trade and make projects easier to put together.

The Advantages of Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Let’s discuss what makes Ted’s Woodworking unique compared to other online programmes of a similar nature. Why would you need it when you can search for the most recent woodworking trends on Tiktok and Youtube? While some designs are easily accessible online, not all of them are implemented, and some don’t have a good manual. You will receive various advantages by purchasing Ted’s plans that you might not get from any other source.

Projects for All Skill Levels and Preferences

The best part about Teds Woodworking Plans is that you can acquire lots of projects at affordable prices for all skill levels. To assist you with each step of the building process, the projects come with step-by-step instructions and images. The manual’s instructions give the impression that seasoned carpenter Ted is there to help you at every step of the way.

Ted’s course does not assume you have a necessary background in carpentry, in contrast to other woodworking courses offered online. The directions are laid out in a way that even those new to woodworking may understand. As a result, he created it to start teaching you at a beginner level.

Comprehensive Plans With Visuals

You can view detailed sketches, 3D photographs, schematics, and images from all angles in addition to reading the instruction booklet. These images ensure that you create the design exactly as shown in the photos and keep you on track throughout the project.

Despite the fact that not all users may find all plans to be equally sound, the enormous variety gives you the freedom to search through them to locate plans you enjoy. You may be confident that you will master the skill of woodworking sooner than you think if you choose to complete the majority of the projects, ranging from beginner to advanced level.

Equipment List With Cost and Quantities

Other woodworking classes might give you a list of necessary tools, but not more. The necessary tools list that is included with Ted’s Woodworking designs outlines the materials you’ll need for each project, their amounts, and the overall cost.

This guarantees that you will only purchase the precise amount of material required, preventing waste and overspending on items you might not need. You will also discover information on the kind of wood you want for each design. Being a true specialist, Ted describes the many sorts of wood in his course and advises you as to which type is appropriate for which style of design.

Lifetime Support and Monthly Plans

Another fantastic advantage of Teds Woodworking Plans is that you may download new projects and plans every month for a one-time fee. Additionally, the business offers lifetime support via its websites and helpline. If there is anything you feel is missing from the plans, they are prepared to send you bespoke drawings.

Smooth Refund Process

Do not be afraid to request a refund if you believe Ted’s Woodworking has fallen short of your expectations. To begin, you can get in touch with their customer support. Since ClickBank handles all of Ted’s refunds, you must take a few precautions to make sure everything happens as planned.

Visit the official ClickBank website and provide the relevant order details. If you made it within 60 days, ClickBank will often refund the money. To get the money returned into your account, you will have to wait one or two months.

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